Counting is Fun
The simple game of blackjack is the #1 game at casinos. How would you like to beat casinos at their own game? Now a video has been produced to teach you how to win.

Introducing BLACKJACK FOR WINNERS, the DVD the casinos don't want you to see!

BLACKJACK FOR WINNERS will turn the odds in YOUR favor and help you become a WINNER!

Casinos don't want you to count cards - Why? because it works!

This is the DVD casinos don't want you to see - The cost to learn is less that one bet most make regularly.

That is why the creator has to continue to wear a disguise.  He still continues to play at casinos that will allow him.

How to win and vary your game to stay in the casino

You will learn to win without getting banned from casinos.

Charlie proved the strategy could be taught

I have taught many of my friends how to play Blackjack successfully.
And I am sure that  I can teach you.  It is actually not that difficult.  If it were, I would not be able to do it myself. In this DVD we make the game simple. So simple that most of you will be winning in no time.

A few weeks of practice - a life time to enjoy it

After viewing this DVD a few times and practicing a few days for a couple of weeks, blackjack will be more enjoyable than ever.

Counting is fun - Winning is even more fun - it's addicting!

You will learn how to count the cards with a simple plus (+) / minus (-) system. You just turn over a deck of cards two at a time, counting the high cards relative to the low cards - and this part is fun!  You will actually enjoy practicing this.  I will teach you when to raise your bet when the count is positive enough.  The 2 steps of Basic Strategy and Counting will give you an advantage over the casino.


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