What You'll Learn
You'll be in CONTROL! You'll be WINNING in NO time!

BLACKJACK FOR WINNERS makes it EASY to be a winner in just 3 SIMPLE steps!

  • A Perfect Basic Strategy
  • How to Count Cards to bring the Advantage to the Player
  • Variation Plays Based on the Real Card Count

How to turn the dealers advantage into your advantage

Very easy to learn - The tools help you to make it second nature. You learn to know when the deck is rich in high cards (benefiting the player) or rich in low cards benefitting the dealer.   More importantly, the dealer has to hit certain hands which high cards tend to cause the dealer to bust.

Vary your game to keep 'em guessing

The Cost of this DVD is less that one bet most of you make regularly. You learn to win without getting banned from casinos.

The third step teaches you to vary basic strategy depending upon the count - this step (while not necessary in order to win) will increase your advantage over the casino, and that’s it!


(Ignore the silly disguise it allows me to continue to play at the casinos)
Listen to Charlie for a brief summary:  High Speed Video

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